Limited time.....Flat rate standard courier shipping - $6 including rural!


THIS IS OUR WHOLESALE WEBSITE for our business, other avenues we sell on are retail pricing.

Forget waiting 6 weeks for a parcel from overseas, order today, and if within NZ most orders are recieved within 7 days (rural maybe extra) ...but in saying that yes, we do ship worldwide.

Our prices are the cheapest on this website than other avenues we sell on due to lower overheads - therefore you win by getting the same awesome service (better actually) and more money staying in your pocket.

Unicorns, skulls, cushions, lingerie, sports, makeup, coloured contact lenses - we have it all and the range just keeps growing.

We are a fun family business based in Tauranga NZ that provides you with unique gifts and treats all year round with you being in the comfort of your chair with your favourite tea or coffee beside you.

No more queues.  No more hassle of crowds.  No more of that annoying person stealing your car park when you are waiting patiently for it.

We source everything for you from around the world, and send it straight to your door at what many customers have said as "it is if you live next door the items arrived so fast!"

We are a husband and wife team with 5 kids and our nephew who love working to give you the best shopping experience no matter if it is for yourself, for another, or even for your own business.   We have you covered.

We provide you with items that you will not see in all the shops so therefore its a fresh look at shopping and maybe even redecorating your home.

We have many more listings (over 3200) on our trademe account 

Payment can be done by debit/creditcard through paypal or laybuy (buy now pay later interest free!)

Unfortunately we are still working on teleporters to get your items to you even faster than we already do - however one of  our sons have not finished building it.  We will let you know once it has been completed.

Our "staff":

Kaysi - the mothership and mastermind for the past 15 yrs.  She works the long hours and even when asleep dreams of new ways to improve.

Sam - the IT whizz for when Kaysi stuffs it up he can usually  fix it.  He also has OCD so is always rearranging the stock boxes to make it easier to pick and pack 


Codi - the transporter creator and fixes things for mother dearest when Sam is at his other job.  By the age of 5 he had already set up 3 screen computers on his own to work on.  Now that he is 11 the world is his oyster.

Aram - the mastermind of making sure everythings in its right home and no colour out of place.  Always there for a cuddle to keep the day going smoothly!

Bella - the Rapunzel of the clan with her long flowing locks.  She helps choose all the awesome products for kids to keep their hair out of their face!

Remae - the geninue all rounder that can help out in the staff room making sure lunch is ready and not poisoness (pity there is none left after the taste testing though oops!)  She can help in every division and has a keen eye for unicorns and butterflies.

Jacob - cricketer by summer, Soccer player come winter.  Has become our recent addition to the crew with producing his own lines from time to time including Reindeer food in December.

Gabi - MMA sports star with a heart of gold.  She is always helpful in all areas and eager to please other staff and customers.

Chloe - Hardworking and precise.  She loves tackling a job and getting onto it to perfection

Sofia - Cherry and bubbly, always an asset to have around.  At the age of nearly 5, she carefully inspects to make sure everything is pretty 

Happy shopping!