From September 20th - December 20th we are raising money for I AM HOPE who arrange Free Counselling for kids

"Figures released last year by the Ministry of Justice, showed New Zealand’s suicide rates had increased for four consecutive years and are one of the leading countries in the world for youth suicide. Last year in New Zealand 137 young people died by suicide and it is estimated another 3,500 attempted to take their own lives. While Government agencies are doing their best, some kids are waiting up to six months to receive the counselling they so urgently need. "

So lets help kids today so they aren't another statistic.

How you can help with FIVE?


* Every order made in this time will have a % that goes to I AM HOPE so the more you make, the more you spend, the more you spread the  word to family and friends the more we donate.

* You can add a donation pack below to your order and 100% of this goes to I AM HOPE.

**PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT WORK FOR I AM HOPE, this is our Christmas fundraiser to give back to our community which our members voted for.